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Mac home Automation software specialist Rebrands as Indigo Domotics

Perceptive Automation, makers of the highly regarded Mac home Automation software have a new name. In a move that more closely reflects their product, the company has now rebranded itself as “Indigo Domotics”.

“Indigo has always represented the best in class home automation software for the do-it-yourself (DIY) market. given the recent increase in public perception around home automation, now is the right time to focus our messaging, brand, and web presence around the Indigo platform,” said Matt Bendiksen, founder of Indigo Domotics. “Customers will now see unified branding across all web resources, including the new Indigo Store, all from our new site, www.indigodomo.com.”

Along with the name and branding change, the company has more closely partnered with machomestore.com, now the Indigo Store. “We are excited to be working even more closely with Indigo Domotics so that we can provide a complete solution, from smart device sales to support, all under the Indigo brand and web site,” said norm Bendiksen, owner of the Indigo Store. “The Indigo store will  continue to sell and support only products that we know will integrate well with Indigo. We can also offer customized Indigo starter kits that offer a fantastic first-time user experience as well as bundles that are common requests for Indigo users expanding their systems.”

“Unifying under the Indigo Domotics name and brand, which includes the integration of the Indigo Store, now gives customers a more complete and consolidated experience,” said Jay Martin, partner, Indigo Domotics. “From new customers who are just learning about home automation solutions, through trial, sales, support, and expansion of their solutions, the Indigo Domotics brand will be there to reassure them that they can expect the same level of excellence in service and support.”

indigodomo.com  :  Our Indigo Tutorial Series

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