Pronto Returns with new Bluetooth to IR Gateway & peel smart Remote app

If you were an early adopter in the 90’s you will probably remember the Pronto line of universal remote controls with fondness.

After suffering a sudden demise in 2010 the Pronto brand is back from the dead and has been re-launch at last weeks international CES in Las Vegas.

This isn’t your Father’s Pronto. rather a new hardware device that you use from your smartphone via Bluetooth. At around 3.5 inches high the little Pronto is powered by 4 x AA batteries (1 year life promised) which means it can be sited virtually anywhere. With the optional stick on IR emitter it can be used to control your AV gear inside a closed cabinet too.

The Bluetooth smart radio has a quoted range of around 25 meters ‘in open air’. perfect to control the hardware in the room you’re in, but perhaps not far enough to control your satellite tuner in the lounge from the bedroom at the other end of the house?

Multiple Pronto devices can be used and shared around your home and the peel smart Remote app will allow you to learn and store any commands you can’t find already in their vast database of codes. In addition the peel smart remote app will provide the following…

Not only can you centralize control of your television entertainment, you can also personalize it when you pair Pronto with the free peel smart Remote app. peel offers customized viewing recommendations based on your interests and viewing habits. live TV, DVR and streaming media are all at your fingertips. Your TV guide is no longer just on your TV, it’s in your hand. The peel app allows you to keep up with all your favorite programs, sending you reminders to watch all the season’s hottest shows such as Gotham, modern Family, how to get Away with Murder and other top TV series. Together, Pronto and peel offer both universal control and personalization via one simple entertainment hub.

We asked Pronto when the peel app would be available in the UK and they told us…

The peel app does not have EU (or UK) guide data yet, which will be released in Q2. In the meantime you can control most IR devices with it.

Perhaps best of all with this setup, you already own all the expensive stuff (the Touchscreen, CPU etc on your mobile device) so the new Pronto is a very affordable $50 and will be available for purchase late January (compatible with iphone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 3rd gen iPad and up, and all iPad Air and Minis plus iPod Touch). check out the video below.

getpronto.com  :  peel.com

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