It’s so hard to say goodbye, but in the words of Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton: something’s gotta give.

Parenthood, home improvement projects, and tons of other blog related undertakings have filled up more of our days, which means that our little t-shirt and print shop will be closing its virtual doors. We proudly rely on two local printing and t-shirt companies to create all of our YHL wares, but we do all of the designing, stocking, packaging, and mailing ourselves. We know that we can probably outsource those responsibilities, but it just feels like something else we would have to juggle – and what can we say, we like to be the ones who get our hands dirty and do the work ourselves.

Even though we know closing this door will open the door to future opportunities (and free us up to tackle more projects and write more posts instead of standing in line at the post office and calling in orders) we’re still sad! but we keep reminding ourselves that by simplifying and streamlining our to-do list, we can continue to bring you guys lots of makeovers, before and afters, giveaways, house crashings, and other things that you know and love. We’ve assigned an inventory number to everything that’s left in our shop (about 30 items remain) but when those things are gone, we’re officially sold out for good.
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Our Pool: Day & Night
Need two minutes of zen? Take this spin around the freshly finished backyard pool at our home on the Florida Panhandle.

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But enough Debbie Downering (yes, we just made that a verb). Let’s get to the hearts and unicorns portion of this post. We love you guys for your support of our shop over the past two years and we owe a huge heartfelt thank you to every one of you lovely guys and gals who ordered from us. We’re beyond honored that our prints hang on your walls and our t-shirts hang on your bodies. Seriously, nothing is cooler than that. We so appreciate your support and your interest in our designs!

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