xAP HomeSeer Plugin released

James Traynor has just released his xAP Plugin for HomeSeer.

What is it?While the features of the plugin are many, just put, it allows any type of xAP gadget to manage HomeSeer as well as for HomeSeer to be able to manage any type of xAP Device. most of the fundamental stuff is done immediately as well as when things need a bit individual input, like the new hardware wizard, they are done as just as possible. This is not to state the plugin only does the fundamental stuff, there is scripting support, raw xAP variables, event sequences as well as much more…. What it does – The full spec

Supports 2 remote X10 interfaces via xAP with routing

Any modification to any type of gadget is output over xAP

Wizard based set up of online gadgets for detected xAP hardware

Allows xAP commands to manage HomeSeer. These include altering any type of device, introducing an event as well as tts.

Text to speech support both HomeSeer formatted messages as well as the general tts schema utilized by xAP speech.

Full support for xAP fundamental condition as well as control. This applies to all HomeSeer gadgets not just those produced from this plugin. This provides you full manage over any type of gadget from any type of HomeSeer plugin in addition to interior ones.

All the databases that the plugin utilizes to process are all web updateable via a simple click.

Event sequence editor. many xAP messages can be sent on one event. These events are triggered from within the basic HomeSeer event system so can be based on time, email, voice etc. You can likewise trigger command line apps as part of the sequence.

Infra Red xAP sequences. On receipt of an IR xAP message the plugin can produce many other xAP messages or command line triggers.

Device modification sequences. When any type of HomeSeer gadget modifications a sequence of events is run.

All of the above sequences are made in an simple to utilize gui. You don’t requirement to understand anything about xAP to utilize them, for example to make a
slimp3 pause you very first pick slimp3 from a decrease down listing as well as then pause, that’s it!

Any aspect of any type of of the sequences can contain info from any type of other gadget or any type of HomeSeer worldwide variable.

You can send a xAP message from a HomeSeer script by a simple 1 line command

As well as producing gadgets based on xAP data there is likewise a table of xAP variables that can be used. when data is packed in these variables they can be utilized as part of any type of of the xAP event sequences (IR, gadget modification as well as routine HomeSeer events)

All the xAP variables are offered as HomeSeer worldwide variables for utilize within HomeSeer scripts.
Please keep in mind this is beta software. I would expect the final release to occur within two weeks. The plugin has proved extremely steady over the last few months as well as has been tested on some extremely big xAP networks. thanks go to all those who assisted test it out Enjoy, James.

Download from www.mi4.biz   :   Guides as well as how-tos www.mi4.biz

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