Cracking the Code: Darryl Carter’s paint colors

Darryl Carter is an American designer understood for his subtle, sublime color palette.

His work has been featured in home & Home, Architectural Digest, as well as Elle Décor, as well as his book The Collected house is a preferred among enthusiasts of new traditional American style.

Darryl created a paint color series for Benjamin Moore as well as frequently when you see his spaces featured, the cutlines will recommendation a specific paint color as well as number. That’s all great, however in Canada you can’t purchase his line, as well as numerous stores in the U. S. don’t bring it either.

Never mind, since at least one Benjamin Moore store did a color code converter. We sampled a few of the colors as well as they seem bang on. right here they are!

The Darryl Carter color is first, complied with by the matching color from the Benjamin Moore’s full decks. You will see numerous of your preferred traditional colors on the list!


 barcraft white DC-01  =  2143-70

huntington white DC-02  =  OC-125

bonifant white DC-03  =  White

crestridge white DC-04  =  Decorator’s White

Green (Cool)

cameron eco-friendly DC-33  =  2145-60

linnean eco-friendly DC-34  =  2144-50

clarendon eco-friendly DC-35  =  2142-60

denton gray DC-36  =  2141-50

 Gray – Green

somerset white DC-05  =  OC-63

doque gray DC-06  =  2137-70

sheridan gray DC-07  =  OC-52

ashmead gray DC-08  =  OC-56


 willard white DC-09  =  2122-70

grantham blue DC-10  =  2122-60

albemarle blue DC-11  =  2131-70

dalton blue DC-12  =  2131-60

Blue Warm

dumbarton white DC-29  =  2123-70

whitehaven blue DC-30  =  2139-70

georgetown blue DC-31  =  HC-147

drummond blue DC-32  =  HC-146

Blue – Gray

 leland white DC-25  =  2125-70

belmont gray DC-26 =  2128-70

delafield gray DC-27  =  2120-70

ashby blue DC-28  =  2128-60


mayfair white DC-13  =  2144-60

ellsworth khaki DC-14  =  OC-48

stratton khaki DC-15  =  HC-99

wythe khaki DC-16  =  HC-102 


tennyson white DC-17  =  OC-22

falls white DC-18  = 2108-70

broxburn greige DC-19 = 2108-60

asford greige DC-20  =  2108-50

Brown – Tan

hanover white DC-37  =  OC-45

fenwick white DC-38  =  OC-41

grafton brown DC-39  =  AC-1

brookdale brown DC-40  =  HC-82


 decatur white DC-41  =  2144-70

essex yellow DC-42  =  2149-70

blagdon yellow DC-43  =  2149-60

dunmore yellow DC-44  =  2149-50

 Dark Accents 

pinecrest gray DC-21  =  AC-27

phelps black DC-22  =  2132-10

marbury brown DC-23  =  2112-20

bayard blue DC-24  =  2129-30

 Gray Accents

 tamarack gray DC-45  =  2134-40

bullock gray DC-46  =  2126-30

chase eco-friendly DC-47  =  2135-20

vinton brown DC-48  =  2134-30

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