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After what feels like a long drought, I had a extremely successful trip to value village last weekend. I’ve been a long-time devotee of “V.V.’s Boutique,” as my aunt phone calls it, as well as I’ve spent great deals of time combing its aisles. thrift buying can be hit as well as miss, so you have to keep at it as well as have an open mind. I always warn against hunting for just one specific item, since you barely ever discover it as well as it sucks the fun out of the experience. Instead, I like to troll for whatever fun as well as cool product catches my eye as well as then choose if I’ve gotta have it!

Here’s what I found:

First I discovered this stylish mid-century club chair. No, that’s not genuine leather, however it felt much much better than other imitators I’ve come across. The colour as well as shape are excellent as well as I like the fine, thin legs. Plus, the tufting truly makes it. It was $60 as well as would make a excellent ‘statement’ chair in almost any type of room.

Next I discovered a pair of these white as well as gold lamps. As a enthusiast of all things vintage, I believe these lamps, in their present finish, would add some appeal as well as spirit to an otherwise new-new space. just add simple, elegant shades as well as you’re off! They were $10 each, I think. P.S. I’m quite sure my parents had that blue lamp lurking in the background when I was a kid. I’ll have to get my mom to confirm!

Okay, I have this weird obsession with transferware as well as this brown as well as white set made my heart avoid a beat! I bought a few plates in different sizes to integrate with the other ones I own. I plan to hang them in some kind of grouping on the wall. These were only $3 as well as $4 a piece.

If the transferware made my heart avoid a beat, the copper pots as well as pans almost triggered a heart attack! I have been browsing high as well as low for inexpensive copper products for the pot rack in my kitchen! right here it was, a nice bit collection for next to nothing on my regional value village shelf. At this point I went as well as grabbed a cart…

And here’s the final cart-load. That’s a lot of copper pots, some charming transferware plates, a few photo frames, a knock-out chinoiserie vase ($8), a vintage basket ($2) for collecting garden clippings, as well as a hardcover edition of Martha Stewart’s arranging flowers (1999 Clarkson Potter). (Did I mention I’ve satisfied her?)

So all in all, a nice haul. I’ve already utilized the vase in a side table tableaux, mapped out my wall style with the plates, as well as I’ve been reading the book on the train! What have you discovered at V.V.’s shop lately?

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Photo credits:Michael Penney

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