EXCLUSIVE: Peek inside The residential or commercial property Brothers’ very first book

With four successful TV shows as well as close to 300 renovations under their tool belts, Drew as well as Jonathan Scott understand what people want when it comes to their homes. We caught up with the famous siblings to get an special look inside their very first book, dream Home: The residential or commercial property Brothers’ ultimate guide to discovering & fixing Your perfect Home. Here are 30 clever tips we chosen up along the way.

Bathrooms top many people’s renovation wishlists, however even little areas can add up quickly. If you’re planning a bathroom overhaul, or even a bit fix-up project, Drew as well as Jonathan suggest the complying with things:

1. select materials that need no maintenance as well as mimic natural stone

2. sometimes a overall gut task may make sense

3. Don’t eliminate the only bathtub in the house

4. basic sizes (tubs, sinks etc.) cut back on custom costs

5. If you’re replacing a sink, you may also do the countertops too


Painting is one of the easier things the residential or commercial property siblings suggest people try dealing with themselves to cut costs. right here are their tips:

6. utilize a canvas decrease cloth, not plastic

7. eliminate all plate covers, grills, as well as curtains first

8. Don’t paint over hinges

9. utilize only new, lint-free rollers

10. Painter’s tape is your finest friend

Drew as well as Jonathan both agree that there are no hard-and-fast rules for choosing which original features of a house to keep as well as which should go. since every area is different, right here are some things Drew as well as Jonathan keep in mind:

11. balance old pieces with new

12. Heritage houses can need historical society approval

13. Crisp white paint on trim as well as molding can refresh a room, however don’t be afraid to accept natural wood too

14. You can’t overdo quality

15. Don’t develop highly-specific spaces that can’t quickly be changed

Making a great very first perception is something the residential or commercial property siblings do well both on screen as well as in their designs. right here are some tips they suggest when you’re just getting started on a project:

16. Don’t overlook the importance of storage solutions

17. never be afraid to phone call in the pros (there are interior designers for all budgets)

18. Take time to truly believe about exactly how you’ll utilize a space

19. Make it your own

20. You can’t go wrong with neutrals, however add some colour too

If there’s one thing Drew as well as Jonathan know, it’s exactly how to produce a backyard in shape for a king, or queen. These are a few of the things they consider:

21. believe about producing area for outside food prep

22. Grills are available in little sizes too

23. outside areas shouldn’t be an after-thought

24. cost effective ready-made terminate pits are offered at huge box stores

25. develop a fence that will last

In their own Las vegas backyard, the siblings went all out producing a fun as well as practical haven. No matter exactly how huge or little your backyard is, these are a few things they always keep in mind:

26. outside areas adds square footage to your home’s footprint

27. Sliders as well as double doors provide true indoor-outdoor living

28. big windows let you to admire the outdoors even when it’s as well chilly to lounge outside

29. Swimming pools are personal choices, they don’t necessarily add resale value

30. balance eco-friendly area as well as patio areas

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