Loxone reveal Wireless Miniserver GO home Automation Controller

Austrian home automation specialist Loxone have this morning launched their most current controller, the Miniserver GO.

Aimed squarely at the retro-fit market, the GO can communicate cable-free with up to 128 devices using the 868MHz Loxone Air wireless technology (915MHz ISM Band region 2).

We’ve had a chance to try out a pre-production sample of the tiny controller (90 x 90 x 20 mm) and it’s a tiny marvel.

The GO is powered from a 5V Micro USB and with a normal power consumption of just 1.3 watts, it’s not just green in colour. The unit plugs into your network by means of Ethernet and there’s a micro SD slot and a Loxone link connector too.

Loxone devices can be controlled from a normal light switch, KNX switch, PC / Mac web Browser, touchscreen, iPad, iphone or Android smartphone.

We tried out the GO from the iOS app and found, unlike some other smart home tech, it was fast and responsive. A press on our smartphone touchscreen resulted in the coloured LED’s in our test rig responding nearly instantly.

Everyone seems to be producing wirelessly controlled bulbs these days, but Loxone aren’t just here to control your lights.  Instead they want to supply a device that can bring lots of of your homes systems together under a single app. Their powerful Windows software allows you to program macros and logic into the go to control almost anything you can think of.

From basic switches and off the shelf devices, to the likes of your PV inverter, everything can be combined into one smart system that’s basic to use, and economical too. This indicates that a single, basic motion detector or switch could control not just lighting, but also the alarm system, heating, music and so on. say goodbye to isolated devices!

Loxone say they now have over 20,000 Miniservers in use in over 60 countries worldwide and they are promising a lot more wireless Air modules in the works too. The Miniserver GO is available now for £250 from the Loxone store.

loxone.com  :  iOS app  :  Android App

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