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Interview: Jeanne Beker

fashion icon as well as iconoclast, author, reporter as well as magazine maven, Toronto-born Jeanne Beker is finest understood as hold as well as producer of the long-running show FashionTelevision, bringing names like Versace as well as Lagerfeld into living spaces in 120 countries around the globe. Her trailblazing profession began at age 16 with a series of small-screen appearances, complied with by a stint studying theatre before she decamped for Paris to research study mime. three television shows, three books (Jeanne Unbottled: Adventures In High Style, The huge night Out as well as enthusiasm For Fashion), two restricted release garments lines as well as two magazines (Sir as well as FQ) later, she shows no indications of stepping down as Canada’s very first woman of fashion. If you don’t catch her backstage in Milan filming for FT, look for her in the judge’s chair on Canada’s next top Model, at one of the various charity events she hosts, and, now, immortalized as a Bratz doll named Jeanne B.

What gets Beker into her heels every morning? “Drive. No, overdrive,” she says. “When you’ve got a passion, it’s exhausting yes, as well as you’re spent, however it’s exhilarating at the exact same time. I’m not stopping anytime soon. I always state if you believe you’ve arrived, it’s most likely time to leave.”

House & Home: What do you like many about your home?

Jeanne Beker: I like the truth that I have four fireplaces — one each in my bedroom, office, living space as well as den. I like the cosy warmth of a fire.

H&H: explain your style.

JB: Eclectic. I have some conventional furniture integrated with remarkable art on the walls — the method you may tie a great scarf around your neck to truly rock a conventional outfit.

H&H: Do you have a preferred colour scheme?

JB: I like my bedroom, which has yellow walls as well as blue-and-white toile drapes. It’s the cheeriness I love. A buddy told me there is nothing much better than waking as much as a yellow room.

H&H: Are you a collector of anything?

JB: I gather evening bags. I still have the one I brought to my wonderful sixteen — a little, bright silver plastic pouch. They’re like mementos from all the special events in my life.

H&H: explain your ideal getaway.

JB: An ultra-long weekend at my farm. I get my repair of fabulousness on the circuit, however nothing beats the comfort as well as delight of being surrounded by the people I like in my small 1842 stone farmhouse in Northumberland, Ont.

H&H: What city do you discover inspiring?

JB: going to Paris for the couture is always at the top of my listing since you see these designers pull out all the stops as well as let their fantasies fly.

H&H: Whose personal style do you many admire?

JB: anybody who’s positive as well as comfortable in their own skin. My daughters [ages 18 as well as 21] are a fantastic example — it’s not about labels, it’s about their creativity.

H&H: name three people you’d like to have at a dinner party.

JB: My late father, Joseph Beker, Coco Chanel as well as Paul McCartney. growing up with a poster of the Beatles over my bed, did I ever believe I’d be scrubing shoulders with him?

H&H: exactly how do you define beauty?

JB: Acceptance. I believe with it comes a type of peace that goes beyond what I may state is gorgeous when I’m staging a shot for my magazine.

H&H: surface this sentence: “I feel many comfortable when …”

JB: I’m with people that I love.

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