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Video: Husqvarna develops its 1 Millionth Robot Lawnmower at its UK HQ

Last summertime was a bit of a like story with our Husqvarna Automower (if you missed it then inspect out here).

Now Husqvarna have just celebrated a big milestone as they crossed the one million maker mark at its UK headquarters in Newton Aycliffe, region Durham.

Production of robotic mowers has been continuous for 22 years as well as in 2006 its Newton Aycliffe factory began the producing of its flagship product. In the height of the season it can see around 3,000 designs created per day.

It takes, on average, input from 72 personnel to create each robotic mower as well as the factory currently employs 1,154 people to create machines which are exported worldwide.

The primary market for robotic mowers is still Western Europe however is growing globally by at least 20 percent each year.

22 years of innovation

Extensive understanding as well as experience developed into the products indicate reliable, risk-free as well as proven machines. With a mindset of continually making improvements, the Group’s robotic mowers have ended up being a lot more robust, much easier to set up as well as utilize as well as can manage even a lot more complex gardens.

A robotic mower is energy effective as well as has nearly no emissions during use. The electrical energy usage for preserving a 1,000m² yard is around equal to a 60W light bulb.

Today it is possible to control, program as well as track your robotic mower by means of a smartphone or tablet app, indicating you can be in manage no matter where you are.

Since the extremely very first robotic mower, time as well as effort has been invested in buy to minimize the product’s noise level to a minimum as well as now machines work in an nearly silent manner, indicating peaceful, environmentally friendly mowing across the world.

Kai Wärn, CEO as well as president for Husqvarna group said: “Celebrating 1,000,000 environmentally friendly robotic mowers is a milestone for the Group. a lot more than twenty years ago, we produced the robotic mower market as well as have established the market ever since. We naturally have a strong market leadership within this classification while lots of of our competitors still are relatively new in the market. We see that in lots of countries the market for robotic mowers stays small, while others have grown substantially – indicating sizeable growth chances in this interesting section remains. Our goal is to preserve our leadership setting by supplying the most reliable, risk-free as well as effective products as well as solutions.”

husqvarna.com  :  Follow our 8 part Automower evaluation Here

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