Indigo’s autumn preview

Last Thursday, a number of of my colleagues as well as I had the possibility to preview Indigo books & Music’s autumn 2011 collection, as well as to get a feel for where the business is headed. Oh boy, is it exciting!

You may be wondering why I’m showing you a picture of a furnished space — well, all those accessories, including the lamps, cushions, trays, books as well as frames, are all part of where Indigo is headed. You’ll still discover books you want to keep forever, however you’ll likewise find stylish products to produce a cosy home, affordably.

It may be a bit difficult to get thrilled over warm knit blankets in the middle of May, however who doesn’t like a warm as well as inviting chair to checked out in?

Bookcases were decorated with distinct objets as well as oodles of hardcovers.

Bookends featuring owls as well as modern, geometric shapes were seen throughout.

I’m typically not a fan of wooden frames in this colour, however I truly like exactly how they work with the linen mats as well as deep grey wall.

These frame stands, meanwhile, assist add height to a console table vignette.

Cute bit task lamps, $60 a pop.

Now, exactly how about this swing-arm lamp? Loooove. It’s $125! But, much more importantly, inspect out that robot guy!

This big Karlsson clock features traditional alarm bells as well as a awesome white-on-white look.

For a bit much more of a punch, though, you might opt for a red-faced clock.

There was no shortage of nifty office accessories as well as storage items. This golden objet is $15.

Indigo teamed up with Moleskin to provide their traditional notebooks a new look.

The lacquer-top boxes are available in different sizes as well as colours. notice those cameras on the far left? Those are Fujifilm Instax cameras which print pictures immediately — like great ol’ Polaroids. The white ones ought to be at Indigo stores in time for Father’s Day, as well as the black one, which prints larger photos, by autumn.

A section of the preview was devoted to bit ones, as well as featured academic toys as well as books. The book screen was neat — I personally like to screen my book covers, however covering them turned these easy bookcases (Billy ones, perhaps?) into something sophisticated, particularly with the white frames hung on top. perhaps covering books as well as labelling the spines will instruct youngsters not to judge a book by its cover?

They even have fantastic gift products for babies, including clothes, frames as well as treasured stuffed animals. Goodbye, dear piggybank — appears like some other animals stole the show.

CEO Heather Reisman was there to talk about it all, including their new kitchen area as well as dining products, which Indigo designed, too. That’s the exact same Heather who chooses which products get her sticker of approval. as well as yes, that is chef Michael Smith in the corner. He was there to talk about his new cookbook out in the fall, chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen, which features easy-to-follow recipes that guide you with the cooking process.

There are those bowls that Heather was holding earlier.

These decanters include a neat wooden sphere which sits conveniently on top. Tasty snacks will likewise be offered for purchase, including fudge as well as peanut brittle.

The many mysterious part of the preview was this packaged box — Heather wouldn’t state what was inside of it, however now we know. On Monday, Kobo revealed its release of a new eReader with touch capabilities, Wi Fi as well as more, offered for preorder now at $139. interesting news for literature fans.

While I have just recently ended up being thinking about getting an eReader (so much simpler to travel with!), I don’t believe I’ll ever stop wanting a house library featuring my preferred as well as many inspiring books. inspect out this picture gallery of amazing libraries if you feel the exact same way!

Photo credits:Seema Persaud

1. design pillows – Stems (Green, Tumeric), felt Linen, $40 each.2. task Lamp, $100. little Karlsson tip Clock, $14. Hemingway Throw, $70. Moss Sitch Throw, $55.3. Hurricane Vase, $24-$39. Pillar Candles, from $10.4. Triangular Sculptural Bookend, $25; Oval item Bookends,  $40.5. wood as well as linen Frames, $25-$60.6. Easel Bookstand, $60. Silver Frames, $25-$55.7. remove Glass with Decal Lamp, $60.8. wood task Lamp, $125. Cubebot, $25.9. White Karlsson Clock, $80.10. wood Mantle Clock, $40.11. Horn Pen Cup, $15, Tray, $18. Black Marble “&” Paperweights set, $22. Antique Brass Polygon Object, $15. Glass shadow Box, $35.12. Moleskin special Collection Notebooks, from $14.13. Fujifilm Instax small 7S, MSRP $90, Instax small 50S, MSRP $130. Lacquer Box Small, $15, Large, $30. Kraft Notebooks, from $4.50. Black as well as White Pen Cup, $12.15. Owl, Turtle or Elephant Bank, $20; Owl Frame, $25; musical Owl, $19; Owl Plush, $23; Owl or leaf Onesie, $20; Owl Playmat, $45; falling leaves Bib, $10.17. Ribbed Porcelain Bowls, $6-$40. serving Board, large, $25. Slate candle Rest, $20. lantern Candles, $24.18. Glass Carafe with wooden Ball, $23.

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