Useful gadget of the Week: Dimmable Megaman 6 Watt GU10 LED Bulbs

You could spend days trawling on-line forums reading opinions on LED light bulbs. There’s such a vast range of quality, price and colours to look at, and that’s before you get into dimming performance.

Some time ago I asked an installer pal to recommend a bulb for us to replace the halogen GU10’s in our kitchen.

From his experience of a large variety of makes and models, employing them across many different installations with various dimmers he recommended the Megaman LR1206dDGv2-WFL.

Megaman say these 6 Watt LEDs produce 410 Lumens and are equivalent to 35 Watts in old money. We replaced the dozen 50w halogens in our kitchen with them, reducing our power consumption from 600 Watts to just 72.

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Megaman Dimmable LED Light Bulb, GU10, 6 Watt, 2800k Colour Temperature, warm White

Megaman energy saving Light Bulb
6 Watt (equivalent to 25 Watt) GU10
Base : GU10

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That 88% in power reduction has made very little noticeable difference to the light level in the room and the beam angle (quoted as 35 degrees) seems ideal.

The body is very slightly longer (57mm) than the halogen bulbs they replaced and sit a little proud of our eyeball fittings in the kitchen ceiling. but once they’re installed you don’t notice and it’s not been an issue.

The “Warm white 2800K” colour is a lot more attractive that some of the bulbs we’ve tried in the past that had a much chillier commercial feel. Bulb life is quoted as 25,000 hours.

Prices fluctuate but these bulbs are around £10 at the time of writing.  You can buy cheaper of course, but they’re by no means the top price, these Philips Master LEDs have a good reputation for example but are currently around 40% more.

After around 20 months of daily dimming I’m confident in recommending these Megaman GU10 6 Watt LED PAR16 Dimming 2800 k Light Bulb [Energy class A+] LR1206dDGv2-WFL

Let us know in the comments below which dimming LED bulbs you’ve had most success with.

megamanuk.com  :  Available from Amazon

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