Automated house 2.0 – #06 vital online 3D Walkthrough produced From Our 2D plans

It’s not everybody that can quickly visualise a 2D plan as a 3D space. Whilst designers as well as builders are utilized to this automatic in-head conversion, it’s commonly a much more difficult task for the rest of us.

Help us Visualise Our Plans

In order to assist with this I thought about discovering Sketch Up or something similar to produce a 3D design from our own plans myself. However, around the exact same time I spotted a business in Ireland marketing a service on Facebook to do the exact same for an affordable price.

Homestead Studio

To get the job underway we emailed a PDF copy of our plans over to the guys at Homestead Studio.

In addition we sent with a space listing together with a Pinterest picture or 2 for every one to provide the guys an concept of exactly how we envisioned the completes as well as furniture etc.

This truly made a difference too, as the online home felt much more personalised when we got it around 2 weeks after our preliminary get in touch with with the company.

Some of the Pinterest pictures we sent to Homestead


The capability to ‘walk’ around your house before it’s developed is truly invaluable. The online design is viewed in a web browser as well as it works on my iphone in addition to my laptop. That’s been excellent as you always have gain access to to your home when something pops into your head as well as you requirement to inspect it.

I utilized the iPhone’s screen catch facility to record a bit video as I moved round the house. This provides us a long-term record of the design should the on the internet version vanish in the future.

There are things we saw as well as modifications we were able to make that we would never have believed of without the 3D model. It likewise provided an insight into the details that might quickly be dropped from our budget, whilst highlighting others that will be vital to get the look we have always imagined.

The Cost

In the end we paid just €195 (~£175) for an interior 3D walk with of our entire house. We’ve likewise paid for a few updates to the design over the last few months as we’ve made some changes, all at extremely reasonable rates. This was definitely the very best value across all the money we spent during the planning phase. It’s even more impressive that this was produced from a PDF of our drawings, without a DWG / DXF CAD file.

There’s an example of their work embedded below. click on the arrow as well as wait on the circle to fill as the job tons into your browser. then utilize your mouse to move around (there are great deals of other examples of online Walkthroughs on the Homestead studio website too).

I have no connection to Homestead studio other than being a extremely satisfied customer. extremely recommended.


Remember to check out our Instagram to comply with the project, checked out the rest of the Automated house 2.0 blog posts as well as discover the links to all the products we’ve utilized in our self-build.

NOTE THIS IS NOT OUR plan – just a sample from Homestead Studio

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