DIY: painted Canvas Headboard

casually propped against the wall, these painted canvases act as a focal point that feels unfitted and minimal. dusty pink softens the bedroom’s loft-like white floors and walls, while a linen-colored panel picks up the tone of the nightstand, armchair and bench.

What you’ll need: Canvases in various sizes (see step 1), three interior paint colors or two colors and white paint, paint brushes.

Step 1: pick out three different-sized canvases taller than your bed; ours measured 40″ x 40″, 48″ x 48″ and 60″ x 30″.

Step 2: choose three interior paint colors, or pick two colors and lighten one with white. We used a natural linen shade and a darker dusty pink for a quietly feminine note. After painting one canvas pink, we lightened the color with white paint, then painted the third canvas in the new, lighter pink.

Step 3: let painted canvases dry for at least 24 hours. group them with the tallest in the center, making sure their edges overlap slightly, and push the bed against them to hold them in place.

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